Best Monitor Stand

Spending too much time in front of a monitor can be exhausting, especially for your neck. But people who work from home have to do it regularly. As a result, they feel immense pain after work.

This is mainly because of the monitor’s height. That is why it is highly recommended to use it with a monitor stand. You should get the right one that fits your requirements.

Best Monitor Stands Reviewed:

  1. Vaydeer Dual Monitor Stand Aluminum Monitor Riser:

When it comes to feature-rich options, VAYDEER Dual Monitor Stand is the ultimate option. It is durable and sturdy. It offers an ideal height for monitors. Plus, the available space is also remarkable. It can hold two monitors simultaneously.

It features a wireless charging pad. This charging method saves you from the hassles of using wires and cables. Instead, place the phone on the pad, and it will start charging without any connections. 

If you work with other devices simultaneously, you can connect them with the stand. It has four 3.0 USB ports. You can also sort your office supplies by placing them underneath the stand. There is enough space to organize them. 

The assembly is also relatively easy. Attach the two legs to the plate, and you are sorted. The monolithic aluminum alloy plate provides the necessary strength to hold your monitors, laptops, or printers without any issue.


  • Ample space to hold multiple monitors and laptops, etc.
  • Can hold the weight very well
  • Good for business work as well as gaming
  • Aesthetically pleasing look


  • The charging pad might not work sometimes
  • Complete aluminum alloy would have been better as plastic legs are not that strong
  1. Viozon Monitor And Laptop Mount:

If you want to use your monitor and laptop simultaneously, vizon’s mount is the best option for you. It has a monitor stand with a separate mount for the laptop. The best part is, both of them are adjustable. So, you will not face any pain in your neck, even when doing jobs from home. As for its design, it looks amazing. 

It is made of heavy-duty and premium aluminum alloy that keeps the mount sturdy. You can also adjust the tension level. It is a useful feature for people who are using heavy monitors.

It is not very wide, unlike most other stands. That is why it takes less space on a table. The cable and wire management is also relatively easy as they can fit behind the arm. Due to this, the mount is very portable and can be easily carried around.


  • Both monitor and laptop mounts are completely adjustable.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Compatible with all brands of monitors and laptops.
  • Keeps the workplace organized.


  • The Rubber grips to hold the laptop are not reliable.
  1. Uprite Ergo Sit2stand Standing Desk Converter:

For professionals, the Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand mount is a great option. It allows you to use your computer while sitting as well as standing. The height adjustment is simple and can be locked at one position. 

There is room for 18 inches vertical adjustment, so your shoulders and neck never hurt again. The most useful feature is the additional table. It is connected to the stand. There is enough space on it to place both keyboard and mouse. Still, there will be plenty of room to organize your office supplies, such as pens, staplers, etc.

Since it is tall, it does not take a lot of horizontal space. Therefore, you can place it on any table and adjust it to your preference. This feature makes the stand portable as well.
It allows you to attach even two monitors to it. The back support is strong enough to hold both as it is made of aluminum and steel.


  • Tall and easy to adjust.
  • The table helps in managing the workplace.
  • Can hold up to 2 monitors.
  • Offers 23 different height positions.


  • Not suitable for heavy monitors.
  1. Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand:

If you are looking for a popular and reliable option, you should not look any further than the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand. Right off the bat, it helps you get the perfect eye position for your monitor. It helps you get the comfortable point to prevent strain on the neck.

The monitor stand is capable of holding flat screens as well as curved screens of different brands. It has two arms, which allows it to connect two monitors. 

Not only is it suitable for remote work, but also other activities, including video editing, gaming, etc. It is made of heavy-duty materials, which prevents vibrations or shaking of monitors. Moreover, it maintains stability throughout. It fits the aesthetics of everything it is meant for. However, the most prominent feature is its remarkable design.


  • Takes less than 10 minutes for the assembly and setup.
  • Offers 100% stability.
  • Allows adjusting monitors in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy, hence not recommended to place on glass tables.
  1. Dual Monitor Stand, Monitor Stands For 2 Monitors:

This Dual Monitor stand by EVEVO is one of the most overlooked ones. It features 360-degrees rotation. You can continue working at any position without any issues. Additionally, it also offers a tilting range from 90 to -40 degrees. Hence, the convenience for users is maximum.

It is compatible with monitors up to 27 inches and 15.4 lbs. Regardless of the brand, this stand maintains sturdiness and keeps your monitor safe. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, it promises long-term use.

It does not take any space on the table, so you can also use other devices with it. You can use 2 monitors simultaneously without any disruptions. Not to forget, the setup is also relatively easy and time-saving.


  • Takes no time to assemble and install.
  • Keeps its stability throughout.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Lack of adjustable height options.


Since the market is snowballed with so many monitor stands, it can be challenging to choose from. That is why it is best to buy a reliable one. Then, you can choose the right one, considering the features and compatibility. It is also important to consider the specifications of your monitor before making the ultimate decision.