Best USB Tower


Whether you work from home or are planning to get started with small home business ideas, you need a gadget that helps your gadgets stay charged. With the fast-paced lifestyle these days, you need a USB tower for online jobs from home or for teleworking as you’ll be using your gadgets. 

To help you get sorted, we have listed down the best USB towers in the market. 

Product Reviews:

  1. Rgb Power Tower Waterproof Surge Protector:

This USB tower features a single USB C port with 3 USB ports and 12 AC outlets which is enough for the entire family. Moreover, this USB tower offers fast charging with power strips that work well for dorm rooms, offices, or homes. Meet all your charging needs with this versatile USB tower that offers enough power supply to charge various devices. 

The 8 protective functions in this USB tower offer safe usages like shockproof with 1875W of overload protection and 2000Joules of surge protection. Moreover, it comes with an IPX6 waterproof feature allowing you to use it confidently. 

Moreover, it comes with a compatible 20W USB-C port which works well with iPhone and charges immediately. Get your USB devices charged faster with this extra efficient USB tower. 

That’s not all! This USB tower also comes with RGB light that gives you a perfect vibe with the LED controller. Enjoy a feel of lighting up the bar, party room, game room, live house, and much more!


  • Comes with a LED controller.
  • Quite efficient and offers smart charging.
  • Comes with 8 protective functions. 
  • Versatile. 


  • The sound is not that appealing. 
  1. Cube Power Strip With 45W:

This is another appealing USB tower that offers 15W of wireless charging. It comes with a USB C port delivering fast charging for all your gadgets including MacBook, laptop, HP, and more. What makes it incredible is the dual USB ports with dual AC outlets having a plug of 5ft cord with 10A. 

What you’ll love about this Cube power strip USB tower is that it’s well-designed and is highly compatible. Moreover, it comes with several certifications and utilizes top-notch quality materials with fast charging and low heat generation. The built-in protective features used in this USB tower prevent any overcurrent, overcharging, or overvoltage protection with temperature control or foreign body detection. 

The best thing about this USB tower is that it comes with smart technology with quick charging identifying the devices automatically with fast charging. 


  • Convenient.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Well-designed.
  • Highly compatible. 


  • Less number of outlets.
  1. Bestek Joules Surge Protector:

This USB tower features a wireless charger having 8 outlets with 6ft. extension cord. It features 5V with 4.2 A having 4 USB charging points. The unique highlight of this USB tower is that it is highly compatible with most devices that apply well to Qi standards. 

Protect all your devices like printers, laptops, routers, computers, TV, speaker, modem, and different valuable devices against any spikes or surges. What makes it a unique choice is that it features independent switches offering energy-saving features with unique photosensitive LED indicators making the USB tower convenient at times of use. Moreover, it comes with a safety door for protecting kids against any electric shock. 

The noticeable advantages of this USB tower are that it is UL certified with FCC plus ETL listing. Moreover, it comes with a 3-prong grounded power cord which avoids any overheating when using electrical appliances. Lastly, it comes with Velcro straps which keep things in place. It comes with keyhole slots over the power strip which allows easy mounting over baseboard or wall for added flexibility. 

Enjoy complete protection to all your devices with this multi-protection USB tower which prevents any surges, fluctuations, lightning strikes, or more. 


  • Offers complete protection to devices.
  • Comes with an energy-saving feature.
  • Highly compatible.


  • It works well only with Qi appliances.
  1. Spin Power Strip Tower:

Next on our list is the Spin power USB tower, which is an electric charging station featuring 6 USB ports with 15 outlets. It comes with a 6ft. Retractable cord having a built-in phone holder which works well for garages, offices, and homes. 

This USB tower is incredible because it serves as a versatile charging station that works well for several users. It allows you to charge 15 different devices at the same time. You can use it for simultaneous plug-ins for television, Echo Dot, DVD player, game console, receiver, radio, and much more. 

This USB tower features 3.4 A in total power with smart identification of USB feature distributing suitable current to all devices. This handy solution is perfect for charging several devices at once. Moreover, it comes with several outlets and is one of the handy USB charging devices. 

That’s not all! It comes with a control switch as a reset button. Moreover, it helps in resetting the circuit breaker. It also features an overload protector protecting the devices making them safe to use. No more mess while using this USB tower as it features a retractable cord which makes it well-organized. 


  • Comes with dual phone holders.
  • Features 10 various multiple protections.
  • Easy to organize USB tower. 


  • Type C output, not present.
  1. Power Strip Tower Surge Protector:

This last product in our list of best USB towers features 8 AC outlets with 4 USB ports serving as a desktop charging station. Moreover, it features 10 ft. extension cord allowing you to easily charge your iPhone, PC, laptops, mobile devices, and much more!

You’ll love this USB tower because it features high-speed USB charging having 4 USB ports with 5V for each port max. The total power of this surge protector is around 22.5W, charging around 4 devices simultaneously. 

It comes with a fast-charging USB port having smart ID auto-adjustable charging, giving immediate charging to the devices. Charge around 8 devices simultaneously, making this gadget a perfect choice for the entertainment center and home office. The two buttons are located on top control AC and USB outlet.

This USB tower offers surge protection of 900 Joules protection for all appliances against spikes and surges. This USB tower is an excellent choice for home-based jobs as it is safe and reliable with the fireproof feature. 


  • High speed.
  • Charges various devices at once.
  • Offers overload and surge protection. 


  • Comes with few power outlets. 


When you talk about USB towers, you need the one which is perfect for charging several devices at once in these tech days. So whether you are buying it for home or office use, the USB tower should be such that it offers complete protection and allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.